I'm a fairly recent model collector having just entered this interesting hobby in February 1998.  Having purchased a number of models and customized a few, I was ready to hit the show circuit!    These are some photos I took at the shows.   Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the names of the owners of some of the models and collections.  If you can identify them, please let me know so I can assign the credits due to them.  The beauty and desirability of some of the models at the show makes me drool over them!

Stampede Live Model Show
Hill Country Live Model Show
South Texas Model Horse Club Fifth Annual Live Show
South Texas Model Horse Club Sixth Annual Live Show
South Texas Model Horse Club Website
(Shows, Events, Photos, and more!)

Stampede Live Model Show

My first test was at Stampede held in Austin, Texas, September 19, 1998. 
What great fun!  And a wonderful learning experience!

Click on Thumbnail for larger picture!

modelsribbons.jpg (59543 bytes) My first show...and my first set of ribbons!  6th in CM Appaloosa and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in CM Workmanship, Simple Custom.  

Other entries seen (and admired!)

ArabianCostume.jpg (49924 bytes) Arabian Costume - Owner made the custom during one of Colette Robertson's Work Clinics.
BWOveromodel.jpg (36490 bytes) An absolutely gorgeous overo pinto. Owner - ?
DappleGreySMA.jpg (30163 bytes) This is equine artistry!  "Bashir" -- A Stablemate Arabian Stallion done as a Dapple Grey.  Owner is Daralyn Wallace, painted by Jan Stevens.  Thanks to Daralyn for being such a big help to me during the show!
DappleGreyString.JPG (27520 bytes) "Steele Glory" -- A customized dapple grey showing an example of string mane and tail.  Owner is Daralyn Wallace, made by Nancy Strowger (pen name - Sarah King) with assistance from her partner, Ava Durbin.  Very interesting! 
DraftHarness2.jpg (42518 bytes) Draft Harness -  I couldn't take my eyes off him!  The harness was extremely detailed and wonderfully made.
PintoCollection.jpg (54538 bytes) This entry in the Collectors Class really catches the eye.  Pintos everywhere! 


And the Judges!   A crazier bunch you'll never find!  Ahem...I mean...A Nicer Bunch You'll Never Find!  They did a marvelous job and complained only a few times about class sizes!   Often they took time to speak with the Novices about their entries -- explaining what was good, what needed to be different or better, and other great advice.  I hung around the outskirts listening, learning and certainly appreciated all the help they dished out.
TheJudges.jpg (64605 bytes)

Collette Robertson, Christie Partee, and Sue Stewart


Hill Country Live Model Show

Black2.jpg (44582 bytes) This is my Collectors Class entry.  The "theme" is a collection of black models, ranging in size from Stablemates, Classics, and Traditionals.  I placed 5th.
Storybook.jpg (68990 bytes) This is my daughter's entry for the Collectors Class.  Her "theme" is "Storybook Horses".  She actually had more books and models, but didn't have the room to put them out. She placed 4th.   Pretty good for her very first show!
Shams.jpg (80279 bytes) Someone else's collection.  Very interesting to see all the different models of Shams!
TrailBackup.jpg (45178 bytes) Didn't think that Rugged Lark was useful for a class?  Well, my daughter received a 1st place for her entry in English Trail.   We had to do some quick thinking for this one:  The saddle she has is made for a classic size model and would be considered too small for a traditional size. So.....we listed that it was a YOUTH trail class to indicate that the saddle was CHILD size!   And Rugged Larks' backing up stance worked perfectly for the "L Backup".
PintoGallopingR.jpg (42605 bytes) This was one of my entries in the Custom classes.   I finished him just a couple of days before the show, so this was his first showing. I had him entered into the CM Pinto class and the Custom Workmanship by Owner class.  He placed 1st twice and NAN-qualified!!

More Hill Country

BreyerRide3.JPG (66327 bytes) The Breyer Ride!
Cavalry.JPG (64057 bytes) A wonderful cavalry set.  Set belongs to Anna Moerdyk and was made by Jennifer Harris.
HarnessRig.JPG (85892 bytes) Harness Class entry.  Very nice cart!   Set belongs to Anna Moerdyk.
Jumping.jpg (61905 bytes) A jumping entry by Melinda Mills.
Overo.JPG (102461 bytes) A beautiful custom pinto.
RacingSet.JPG (69447 bytes) They're out the gate! 
Sidesaddle.JPG (81741 bytes) A very detail sidesaddle.  I really like this one! Set is owned by Christie Partee.  The saddle was made in the 1980's by Carol Howard and the bridle is by Christie.

STMHC Live Show

What a great show!  Over 150+ classes with some wonderful entries.  Show photos and Results and be seen at the Show website listed below.  Also below are some other show photos.

STMHC 5th Live Show and Results Website

Click on Thumbnail for larger picture!

TrishaChamp.JPG (164692 bytes) My daughter, Trisha.  She placed very, very well and had a great time.  Here she shows her 1st and Reserve Champion for the Stablemate Arabian Costume (made by me two days before the show).  Also, 1st, Reserve, and Overall Reserve Champion for the Classic Desert Mist Arabian. In the next photo is the SM Western Performance that took 1st and Champion.  
Barrels.JPG (105298 bytes)
BarrelCloseA.JPG (24930 bytes) A close up of the SM Barrel Racer setup.  
ArabCostumeA.JPG (78260 bytes) A Close up of the SM Arabian Costume done by me.  It was used in three different classes (youth, custom, and OF costume) and placed in all of them!

STMHC 6th Live Show
I didn't take many photos at this show.  Was too busy helping my daughter with her performance entries.  This was the first year that we've tried to do a number of performance classes.  It was fun!

EnglishTrail.JPG (38170 bytes) Trisha's entry for OF English Trail.  
Placed 3rd. She entered in Open because the Youth division was cancelled.
IndianCostume.JPG (32345 bytes) Her entry in Custom Indian Costume.  
Placed 2nd.
MicroEnglish.JPG (13152 bytes) Hunter/Jumper entry.  A micro!!  I made the tack just two days before the show.  Made me cross-eyed!!
StorybookClass.JPG (49782 bytes) Collector's Class.  1st place and trophy!!
Her theme is "Storybook".
SMASB.JPG (18423 bytes) Custom ASB, customized from a stablemate ASB.  Has always placed well.
MuleEnglish.JPG (32690 bytes) OF English Trail.  Mule going over bridge obstacle.

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