Below are some of the models that I have completed.  Click on the thumbnail image to go to a larger image of the model.   The scans don't do the models justice.  Unfortunately, the various shadings are not readily visible in the images.


Appy Show Left.JPG (78238 bytes) Appy Show Right.JPG (78671 bytes)
DD Pride's Running   (Blanket Leopard Appaloosa) - Customized SM Seabiscuit - Carved ears, nostrils, hooves, mane and tail. Has NAN qualified several times. 


Pinto Show Left.JPG (76355 bytes)

Pinto Show Right.JPG (70200 bytes)
DD Flash By Time (Red Bay Pinto) - Customized SM Seabiscuit - Carved ears, hooves, nostrils.  Resculpted and carved tail.  Club hind foot reshaped.    Sold


Palomino Show Left.JPG (75415 bytes) Palomino Show Right.JPG (65406 bytes)
DD Gold Trespasser (Dappled Palomino) - Customized SM Thoroughbred Mare - Additional epoxy mane and forelock added, carved tail, hooves, nostrils, and ears.  Right hind hoof rescuplted and right fore hoof leveled. (The scanner made the some of shadings look very red, but they are not).  Sold   Owner: Adrienne Brant


ArabianChestnut.JPG (113364 bytes)

ArabianChestnutR.JPG (203723 bytes)

DD Deserts Streams (Dark Sorrel with Flaxen Mane and Tail) - Customized SM Arabian Stallion - Carved ears, hooves, nostrils, mane and tail.  Epoxy and sculpted hind hoof.  He has four colors shading his main body, however, they are very subtle and seen only on close inspection.


PintoshetlandL.JPG (182044 bytes) PintoshetlandR.JPG (201865 bytes)
DD Andol's Trick (Chestnut Pinto Tobiano with light mane and Tail) - Customized Shetland pony - Carved hooves, mane, tail and ears. Replaced missing ear.


debhb.jpg (17438 bytes)

My new customized Huckleberry Bey!  Repainted by Shannon Stockton to a lovely dappled light rose grey.  Didn't she do a wonderful job!!!


AmRight.jpg (42136 bytes) AmSpotsR.jpg (45903 bytes) AmLeft.jpg (40731 bytes)
DD American Spirit - CM SM to a chestnut appy.  Placed 4th in his first live show! Sorry about the quality of the photos. These were "hurry up" pictures on the hood of my car. 


BrindleL.JPG (275166 bytes) BrindleDetail.jpg (31447 bytes) BrindleRa.JPG (219044 bytes)
DD Tiger's Wink - A brindle coated foal, customized from a Running Foal.  Won 1st place and Champion in his first show! Has NAN qualified.

The following page contains models in the process of being customized.

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