On this page are examples of some of the Stablemate sized vehicles I've made.  I put most of these vehicles on eBay auctions.  My sets include the vehicle and harness.  Often I will even sell them as complete sets which includes a model horse. I have also made some barter trades of these sets in exchange for tack.   All my vehicles are made from combinations of various woods including basswood and oak.  I do NOT use balsa wood!  An extra detail is that I use incredibly tiny nails, nuts, and bolts to fasten some of the parts together.

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Spring Wagon Fringe-Top 
Road Wagon Harness Future Ideas!


The Spring Wagon
Greatly detailed, this wagon has angled slats on top of the sides, working wheels, the shafts move and the single tree turns.  The seat is fixed on handmade "springs" made of brass.  The singletree is handcarved.  All metal parts are made from brass. 
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Fringe Top Surrey
This vehicle is incredible!  It is a two seat (four person) surrey in which the seats are angled out the sides and back with a back rest on each seat.  The bed of the surrey rests on two or three handmade brass springs that are attached to the chassis. The surrey bed "floats" above the chassis just like a real buggy!  Wheels, shafts, axle, and singletree move. The surrey even has steps and  mudguards! 
Surrey - Style #1
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Surrey - Style #2
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This cart came in two varieties: Plain panel and Raised panel.  The raised panel is so popular that that is the only one I make now.  Both sides of the cart have a raised panel.  Very decorative. The top has a molded edge and wheels turn.  The shafts have stops on them.
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Road Wagon (Chaffrey Wagon)

The bed "floats" over the chassis on brass springs.  The axles curve in a "S" shape from the chassis down to the wheels. The wheels turn and the axle turns.  The seat has arm rests.  The "boot" is covered with real leather and straps. The boot can be removed. 

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Another person that makes incredible harness is the incomparable Susan Gage.  She makes all sizes of harness and each is incredibly detailed.  Whatever you need, she can make for you. Her website can be seen at:
Susan Gage
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Future Ideas!
Here are some of the items I am planning on making in the near future.
Dairy Wagon Ice Wagon Hearse
Doctor Buggy Farm Wagon Buckboard


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