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Some Odds and Ends Photos to Share

Cherokee.JPG (317741 bytes)

Trisha riding Cherokee, an American Wild Mustang, at Girl Scout Camp La Jita. She works as Barn Staff.

Creme2.jpg (374655 bytes)

Trisha riding Creme, a Cremello Quarter Horse

EZ.JPG (51239 bytes)

Deb riding E.Z. at Ft. Sam Houston Hunter/Jumper show. (1982?)  E.Z. was from the Pentathalon stables and had been moved to the MWR stables.
Fanny.JPG (36256 bytes)

Deb and friend on Fanny Hill.  A great lead horse for trail rides.

Fannyjumpa.JPG (105501 bytes)

Deb and Fanny out on trails.  Not a very good photo.  Wrong type of film.  Also, it's sorta a "pretend" shot.  Photo was taken from the ground upwards in an attempt at a dramatic photo, but any good rider can see that I am too far forward of the motion. Pretending the jump was higher that it really was.

FrostyCantera.JPG (53968 bytes)

Trisha riding Frosty, Ft Sam Houston Hunter/Jumper Show (2002?)

JumpHank.JPG (58865 bytes)

Trisha riding Hank, Deer Creek Stables. 2005

Rocketa.JPG (52486 bytes)

Rocket, from MWR stables, Ft. Sam Houston, 1984
He is a poster child for "bad conformation", but what a wonderful horse he was, great with kids, fantastic with experienced riders, wonderful trail horse, and a smooth ride.

Vanila4a.JPG (59612 bytes)

Trisha riding Vanilla. This horse turned out to be an English only horse...didn't have the faintest idea what neck reining was.  We had to use our Kimberwicke on him.  January 2009