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I started collecting models February 1998.  While I was browsing eBay for horse related items, I came across selections of Breyer's for sale.  They aroused my interest and that started my collecting.  From there, I learned of such things as Photo Shows and Live Shows.   What a wonderful world!  Once I saw the minature tack -- I was hooked!!!  

ArabianChestnut.JPG (113364 bytes) I am fairly new to the playing field of customizing.  I've always enjoyed crafts -- painting, sewing, quilting,....any kind of "creating" and this was just one more fun thing to add to my list of exciting attempts.    What I am doing is mainly for the fun of it -- I'm not out to make a career of it (that would take the fun out of it!!)
The website consists of pages showing my customized models and the process of painting them.  In addition, I have included a "fun" page containing items of interest.  A "links" page is offered as a good source of information and resource page.  Thanks for visiting.   Pinto Right Done.JPG (20836 bytes)

Deb Demers

Other Websites Designed by Me: STMHC - South Texas Model Horse Club
Ozark Mountain Live Show
Shannon's Stable
Stockton Kennels
Artistic Builders, Inc.
Capco Steel, Inc.

Several other websites were designed by me, but are no longer maintained through me

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